Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tretorn ankle ligament

Preps wear and wore Tretorns now and back then.  Cascadian preps wear them now, as well, during the three weeks of Cascadian Summer. Yet, its canvas construction offers little in the way of protection from rain, mud, and Trust Fund Hippies.

The author's Nylite Canvas Tretorns
I'm not sure why Tretorn is preppy, other than its association with tennis and Sweden - perhaps that is enough. My dear mom wore them in the 80s and a prep she is not. I wear them now after an article in Tennis Magazine last year referenced them. The Nylite Canvas is the style to wear and was the style most commonly seen on the prepster from days gone by.

As far a functional "tennis shoe" goes, just try them during your next doubles match and you will retire faster than a bitter office clerk who just won the lottery. They stink as a tennis shoe. One reach for that passing shot down the alley and you are on your back, looking up at the court lights. 

I wear them sockless as a knock-around shoe and as a boat shoe. When I do, they rarely get a look of recognition - not even from the 40s set who are downtown for the weekend getting their urbane urban  groove on at the new exhibit opening. You would think my Tretorns belong in the exhibit, too. WTF?!

pinched from Tretorn.com


  1. I wore Tretorns for a few years but noticed they were worn mostly by the distaff side. I went back to the shoe of choice in my day, Jack Purcells.

    Vern Trotter

  2. Vern,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Come to think of it, your right. My mother used to wear them, but not my father. But around here, I haven't seen either sex wear them. Who knows?



  3. My new shoes. Retro at it's finest.

  4. SteelieD,

    You wouldn't be from SoCal, would you? (Saw the shoes)

  5. Love the post. I've worn both tretorns and jack purcells and three words come to mind...CLASSIC, TIMELESS, OUCH!!!