Thursday, March 17, 2011

Car Dilemma - Prep vs. Pragmatism

Prep. Porsches aren't intrinsically preppy, but I always felt like a prep in my vintage '69. Classic lines, European craftsmanship, the smell of old leather and horse hair (the matting under the carpet). These things evoke images no prep can resist.

the author's 1969 Porsche

Pragmatism. Toyota Priuses aren't intrinsically preppy either. Driving around in my hybrid '08, I feel like the incredibly sensible guy that I have become since "settling down." A 35-mile commute to work in the city, when gas prices are approaching $4.00 per gallon, is enough to start putting preppy in perspective. Maybe that is what Cascadian prep is -  making the most sensible decision based off of the best available information... even if you look like a tool in your Toyota. 

the author's 2008 Prius

(I sold the Porsche to buy something which makes no sense at all.)


  1. I like that you backed your Prius out of the garage to take a photo to put in your blog, however you already had a nice picture of the Porsche loaded on the computer (from sunnier times no less!). The Porsche is much cooler, prep or not! Now, what WOULD be prep, is a BMW 2002!

  2. Love the Porsche. Thinking about getting one myself to keep the Benz company.