Monday, March 21, 2011

Caswell-Massey in Cascadia

I first was introduced to Caswell-Massey 27 years ago.  One day, various assortments of its product line turned up in my dad's cologne/aftershave/hair products/prescription drugs cabinet, as well as in the kids' linen closets, bathroom drawers, and bathroom counters tops. It just appeared, out of nowhere, as a reckless array of flotsam and jetsam "smellum" and cream.

the author's recent olfactory acquisitions
Now, it would be verboten herein to disclose the fact that my dear mom worked, at the time, for "Tuesday Morning" - a retailer specializing in "upscale closeout merchandise." (So there there it is, I had a regular middle-class upbringing.) Forthwith this establishment, came my family's cache of C-M, and my adolscent view of it as a bedraggled retail misfit with yet-to-be-known provenance. This was Dallas 1984.

And so it is -  the Pacific Northwest 2011 - and I have reconnected with and have been re-educated on the fabled and unique history of this most famous of American brands.  "Thank you," The Trad, for without your sagely advice, I would not yet know that Caswell-Massey's  "No.6" (now my daily spray) was the cologne of choice for the original "Gee Dub" - Father of our country, and namesake of my current home state.

I bought No. 6 four or five months ago.  I really like it, but don't love it. Just last week, however, I picked up a bottle of "Greenbriar Cologne Spray."  WOW! An awesome and manly scent.  It's so manly, in fact, after I sprayed some on, I shaved 5 strokes off of my golf game, shot a perfect round in Continental Trap, and made a very positive impression  on "Mrs. Cascadian Prep" (more on her soon).  In other words, fellas, get this "smellum" and thank me later.

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