Sunday, August 21, 2011


Here is a church. Here is a steeple. Open the doors. Hey! Where's all the people?

The Church at Roche Harbor

I like church, but I do not go regularly.  Apparently here in Cascadia, neither do many of my fellow citizens - at least not the ones from the cities and close-in suburbs. (Click here and here for anecdotal evidence of that.) The further-out suburbs and exurbs... now, that's a different story.

I grew up in the South/Southwest part of the US - the buckle of the Bible Belt - as a United Methodist.  I went to Episcopal schools from K-8, and Jesuit Catholic school from 9-12. I have a good working knowledge of the Bible and many denominations' views on things.  In general, I believe that the coffee and cookies in the church basement all taste about the same, that is to say, a bit stale, a bit bitter, but always a little sweet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, USA

Roche Harbor is a prep's paradise.  One must take a plane (preferably float plane), ferry, or private boat to get there, as it is in an island chain ("The San Juans") between the large Vancouver Island and the Washington mainland.  It may be the one place in Cascadia where embroidered shorts, "red ochre" shorts, seersucker pants, and all that other prep regalia are NOT given a second look.  Ahhh, to be back in one's spiritual homeland. Birding and general naturalist activities are strongly encouraged here. Mac's Field Guide to the Gulf and San Juan Islands is sold in virtually every country store, marina, and activities shop. Roche Harbor even has true presidential credentials - Roosevelt (Teddy) slept here!  With whom, I am uncertain, but I'm sure it was a rough ride.

If you visit, you must attempt to stay at Roche Harbor Resort. It is not inexpensive, but it is worth it. Stroll the grounds, play tennis, swim in the heated outdoor pool, meander the boat slips, imbibe at the Madrona Grill, and play bocce ball (I prefer p├ętanque.) Do this amongst the well-educated, well-clad and well-heeled without seeing black "Tap Out," Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), NASCAR, or Harley-Davidson t-shirts anywhere.  

On our annual visit last week, we were upgraded to the Quarryman Hall Deluxe Suite, since our stay the year prior was disrupted by an out-of-control late night wedding reception. Needless to say, this upgrade has ruined me... the bar has been raised as has the room rate. Ah, but it will be worth it.
view of the marina from the room

Quarryman Hall
Madrona Bar & Grill and McMillin's Dining Room
a 7-yr old bocce prodigy
(Should I tell her I'm closer? Nah!.)

The author in poolside repose wearing tired
Tretorns and J. McLaughlin swim trunks

True Cascadian colors - green and blue

Roche Harbor on San Juan Island - a true Cascadian, Northwest, and American Treasure!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Send... Help... Fast

This is what we're dealing with here in Cascadia. Don't buy the starving artist bit this Seattle (Kirkland) band wishes to portray. They're from the Seattle-area's "Eastside," which is to say the east side of Lake Washington, which also is to say the well-monied side of the city. Home to more Bourgeois Bohemians (BoBos) than a Franco-Czech Chambers of Commerce convention.

Increasingly popular Fleet Foxes

(I hate that I like their music.) Watch the video and ask me about the goats.