Monday, January 31, 2011

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was a man - a real American man. He liked his drinks cold, his women hot, and his guns loaded. He was "Less is More" before "Less is More" was cool; scholars called his writing style "The Iceberg Principle" - there is more than meets the eye, calling the reader to use his or her (but mainly his) imagination. He had a style that resonated throughout the 20th Century and beyond.  In fact, his writing style could translate easily into the Twitter tweets of today.

inside La Bodeguita del Medio - La Habana, Cuba   2010

"Papa" may not be "preppy," per se, but his style is timeless and is much emulated by the sartorially-minded, traditionally-inclined, and preps in Pugetropolis. So, what's all of this have to do with searching for a prep sensibility in the USA's Pacific Northwest? Well, if one were playing "6 Degrees of Pugetropolis Prep," one could posit the following: A) Hemingway's final resting place is Ketchum, Idaho B) Ketchum is in the vicinity of Sun Valley C) Sun Valley is popular amongst preps, bon vivants, trads, etc. D) Idaho is in the Northwest E) Pugetropolis is in the Northwest... you see where I'm going with this!

Dress FOR the weather, not LIKE the weather

So Seattle and the rest of Pugetropolis is at Day 44 of the "90 Day Gray." Haven't seen the sun in some time, nor will we.  But why, pray tell, must we dress as monochromatic as the skies?

Waiting for the Interurban
Have we no spirit, no joie de vivre?  Alas, it is true; we've given up as a people, taken on too much water, and just want to get to the other side (May/June?) in order to dry out before we head back across, again.

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Washington State Ferry

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dulcet Tones from Puget Sound

Death Cab For Cutie
Smart lads with smart lyrics. Great musicians from the Great Northwest.