Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Belts That Launched A Thousand Quips

This a men's fashion blog is not. However, from time to time, great insight into the progress of the cultivation of preppiness in Pugetropolis can be achieved by examining the reaction of those around a Cascadian prep in the (re)making. For example, the other day I wore, for the first time, my new brown hoof pick belt. I love this belt for its uniqueness and rough-hewn qualities. So when I happily strolled through the office like the cock of the walk and was met with sneers, jeers, and general derision, I was utterly crestfallen (NOT).  Now, I realize their expressions may have been for me (the person) and not me (the belt), but in this instance, I knew they were harshin' the belt.

The author's belt shot a la Maxminimus
Incident #2 occurred the following day. This time with my new custom Eliza B. D-Ring Motif Belt.  Again, laughs, smirks, and double-takes abounded. I mean, WTF?! How could you harsh this belt?

Lesson Learned: a Cascadian prep's work is never done.  If we are going to raise the bar in Cascadia (or anywhere for that matter), it's going to take fortitude and perseverance... and perhaps a whole lot of immigrants from CA, The South, The Midwest, The Southeast, The Mid-Atlantic, and New England.  Cheers!

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