Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Regrettable Sweatshirt Hoodie

Should Be Donned For Beach Bonfires Only!  To the degree that the sweatshirt hoodie possesses much needed functionality is the degree that it possesses major shortfalls in fashion. [Read "g'awful appearance" here.] "But the winds are constantly blowing and it's always a bit brisk at Pacific Northwest beaches," you say.

What is one to wear if one forgoes this hooded horror?

the author sends his deepest regrets

Some preferable alternatives follow:
  • a wool hat from Wapiti Woolies, a true Cascadian favorite, or
  • a custom wool hat from Vermont Originals, a true New England favorite. (See The Daily Prep posting here), or
  • a twill golf cap from one of your favorite links (as understated as possible).
Note Well:  Tongue is firmly planted in cheek whilst I write this. Because at the end of the day (literally), it is hard to take something as ridiculous as a hoodie too seriously. Scenes like this put things firmly in perspective.

Sunset at Cannon Beach, OR


  1. Great Scott! I almost choked on my morning glass of Veuve Clicquot. I suppose I can understand this garment's usefulness in a 50-knot gale; and at least you're not pairing it with baggy denim, big white trainers, and bottle of Hennessy. Speaking of which, I do hope that isn't a glass of crunk juice in your hand...!

    P.S. Is "h**dy" short for anything?

  2. Dear Laguna Beach Fogey,

    I appreciate your comment and your impeccable taste in bubbles. No crunk juice or forties here; and, alas, no Pernod cut with water. (I think it was white sangria.) In any case, that beach attire was thrown on the proverbial bonfire. Cheers!