Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nubuck Chuck and friends

Just as I sometimes enjoy indulging in the cheap value-based brand of Charles Shaw, a.k.a, "Two Buck Chuck," I also sometimes enjoy cladding myself in cheap value-based shoes and socks. (The only way I admit this is that I also must admit I overspend on shoes and socks regularly.)

the author in full office repose

The shoes, "Bass Brocktons" in taupe suede. $64.95 from an online seller. The socks, Macy's "Club Room" brand. About $15.00 for three pair. Oh and the pants, Brooks Brothers "Eight Wale Corduroys." I forget how much - $100 maybe? (Don't harsh the cords - it's 57°F/14°C right now in Pugetropolis for Pete's sake.)

a mere 30 miles from Portland, OR, USA
My toes chew through socks like Star Jones through a chicken wing, so I just can't justify having a drawer full of Thomas Pink's at $30.00 a pop. And slogging through the soggy streets of Cascadia is not kind to shoes of any make, let alone a nice pair of $225.00 walk-over bucks.  So yeah, I'm given to go cheap on some items and treat them like consumables, but this unprep philosophy allows me to fork over more greenbacks for the Barbour rain jacket or the 2007 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir Laurene. Trade-offs.

(Prep vs. Pragmatism.  Prep 0  Prag 2) 


  1. This is a truly creative way to while away the hours in the office. Certainly beats aimless web surfing. Kudo's! (And I love the socks!)

  2. "My toes chew through socks like Star Jones through a chicken wing..."

    LOL!! Classic...