Wednesday, April 20, 2011

J. Press Your Luck

I just recieved this shirt in the mail a few days ago (the actual pictured below).  It's my first foray into J. Press. I ordered it in a drunken frenzy while on vacation with too much time on my hands (fun but dangerous). I read too many style blogs with writers from "Back East" not to notice that J. Press is Mecca for men's traditional/preppy clothing. So I just had to bring one home.

For some living in Greater Cascadia, wearing a tailor/institution like J. Press poses problems - the utter lack of recognition here being of chief concern. Downtown Joe, if asked, "What's J. Press?" would probably reply with, "Uh, um, is it some kind of device for rolling joints?"  Seriously, outside of those few Cascadians who went to school in NY or the surrounding states, or did a stint on Wall Street, or heaven forbid, like me, regularly muse in the writings of fashion bloggers, no one here knows J. Press.  

cotton madras short sleeve

Well, I aim to change that, so I started with Mrs. Cascadian Prep. Remember, a prep of any type, she is not, but she does love this madras shirt and hinted at my needing to get more. Get more, I will, and I will wear them proudly through the streets and in the offices of Pugetropolis, Portlandia, and "The Van."  I will push the envelope and Press my luck. For those of you out there who already know the joys of J. Press ownership and who travel to the Pacific Northwest or the Lower Mainland, join me and take up arms... wear your J. Press and wear it proudly.


  1. Very nice. There are now at least two of us here on the Pacific Coast.

  2. Hi, I'm very curious in seeing how it fits!!!
    I live in Canada and I'm thinking of ordering one... Do you like it?

  3. Hello Canadian Anonymous,

    This particular shirt fits slightly larger than I had anticipated. I would say it is still true to size - just on the roomy side. And, "Yes," I really like it!

    Best to you and good luck,