Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Roanoke Inn Tavern

The Roanoke Inn Tavern is in Mercer Island, Washington. Mercer Island is an actual island in Lake Washington, between Seattle and Bellevue.  It consistently ranks amongst the highest in scholastic test scores and the wealthiest of zip codes for Washington state. These superlatives, however, are not the Cascadian prepster's only draw to Mercer Island. 

a full parking lot at lunch time
In a nutshell, another key reason is HISTORY. Preps of all sort love things steeped in lore and history and this fine establishment has both. First, the place has been around for about 100 years. It is rumored that it once hosted "dancing girls" and prohibition-era drinking (What establishment didn't host "dancing girls"?)  Reportedly, even Roosevelt (Teddy) had imbibed here and preps of all types just love Roosevelts.

Obligatory historical plaque

drink first, then order food
Second, it's a good value - good beer and liquor selections and good pub grub at a fair price. This is recognized by working stiffs and lay-abouts, alike. Perhaps it is this final reason - the diverse mix of clientele - that makes it such a great haunt for the Cascadian prep.  On any given afternoon, you are sure to find Jewish American Princesses swigging Stella Artois next to Presbyterian Proctologists.  In the back, you might find the latest billionaire playing darts with a contractor from the Millionaire's Club.  And Volvos and Acuras cohabitate the pea gravel parking lot in back.  Oh My!

   It's all good and it's all over at The Roanoke Inn Tavern. 

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