Monday, August 8, 2011

Send... Help... Fast

This is what we're dealing with here in Cascadia. Don't buy the starving artist bit this Seattle (Kirkland) band wishes to portray. They're from the Seattle-area's "Eastside," which is to say the east side of Lake Washington, which also is to say the well-monied side of the city. Home to more Bourgeois Bohemians (BoBos) than a Franco-Czech Chambers of Commerce convention.

Increasingly popular Fleet Foxes

(I hate that I like their music.) Watch the video and ask me about the goats.


  1. Not a bad tune at all.

    A bit like the English folk-pop outfit Mumford & Sons, whose members as I understand it come from upper-crust private school background.

    Marcus Mumford, for what it's worth, was born in Orange County, CA--but grew up in England. ;)

  2. Oh, almost forgot...What's with the goats?!