Sunday, August 21, 2011


Here is a church. Here is a steeple. Open the doors. Hey! Where's all the people?

The Church at Roche Harbor

I like church, but I do not go regularly.  Apparently here in Cascadia, neither do many of my fellow citizens - at least not the ones from the cities and close-in suburbs. (Click here and here for anecdotal evidence of that.) The further-out suburbs and exurbs... now, that's a different story.

I grew up in the South/Southwest part of the US - the buckle of the Bible Belt - as a United Methodist.  I went to Episcopal schools from K-8, and Jesuit Catholic school from 9-12. I have a good working knowledge of the Bible and many denominations' views on things.  In general, I believe that the coffee and cookies in the church basement all taste about the same, that is to say, a bit stale, a bit bitter, but always a little sweet.

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