Monday, July 25, 2011


I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a Suburu Outback - "Dear Jesus, Protect Me From Your Followers."  That's the way I feel about the die hard fans of The Dave Matthews Band (DMB).  For starters, they have that oval sticker on the back of their Suburus, Volkswagens, and vintage Volvos, which simply states "DMB."  Then there are those who have to make the annual pilgrimage to The Gorge at George, Washington to watch ALL THREE NIGHTS of his three night stand.  WTF?!

It's not that THE Dave Matthews is a bad guy (a real good family man living in Seattle, Washington, I hear). I mean, he writes OK music and has very good musicians making up his band, but when did Phish or Widespread Panic give up the throne of "Hippie cum yuppie jam band," "BoBos in Paradise group," or "I only smoke dope once a quarter festival"?

I think the whole thing is just DuMB. And even though DMB is an adopted darling of Cascadia, I hope I don't see any burgeoning Cascadian preps at his next gig!

The Gorge at George, Washington, USA

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  1. Man I with you on this one. I loved his first two albums and saw him once in concert but thereafter, he became a bit redundant. And the crowd on the lawn where I was watching the concert seemed like Dead Head wannabes