Sunday, May 8, 2011

Portland(ia) Prep Digs - The Nines


The Nines is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA. It's a stone's throw to the Willamette River and the requisite waterfront arts & crafts fair encampments [read "hippies" here].  It's also a casual walk over to one the best bookstores this Cascadian prep has ever patroned - Powell's Books. Nearly every book you ever wanted - new or used - is available at Powell's Books. Prep, Trad, and Sartorially-themed books are well stocked here, too. I don't know if that's because no one buys them or if it's just the opposite (probably because no one buys them - this is the land that gave us Nike and Columbia, after all).

The Nines is close to Portland Streetcar stops, where one can hop on and be whisked over to the Pearl District. The Pearl District is nice because of its many art galleries, boutiques, restaurants (try Oba), and gelato shops (try Mio Gelato on NW 11th... and for the love of God, do not try the blue cheese or french onion gelato, like I did.)

If you live in Washington state or Vancouver, BC, take the train (Amtrak Cascades) down to Portland and then cab it over to the hotel.  If you live further away, fly in and cab it to the hotel. You really don't need a car in this pedestrian-friendly town. And if you want to tour the burgeoning wine country an hour away, van tours are a good way to go.

Also, remember, thrift is a virtue to the prep and while in Oregon you won't pay sales tax.  Take the money you save and spend it on a nice Oregon Pinot Noir.

Alert: many locals pronounce their state, "Ory-gun," as they have a nice, folksy nature about them. But be advised - never, ever call it "Oreh-gone." You will be summarily tarred and duck-feathered for not doing your homework on its pronunciation.

(So you missed going there this Mother's Day... there's always Father's Day... hint, hint.)

Portland train station
Lobby of  The Nines
a room at The Nines (my kid not included)


  1. Thanks for this. I've heard positive things about Portland, even though it is famously classic SWPL territory. For now.

  2. I've stayed at Nines. Nice.