Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leather (keep the chains)

The devil and the preppy are in the details. Socks, belts, and otherwise subtle affectations are always good areas to manifest one’s inner prep. In keeping with this spirit, I recently went on the hunt for an eyeglass case. My car’s glove compartment and office desk drawer are littered with cases, which range from the spiritless vinyl (or naugahyde) type to the clunky box with overly aggressive spring hinges that can render one fingerless.

Like with most of my searches, I started with Google “Bing” (since I live in Cascadia).  I typed in “preppy eyeglass cases,” which brought up the usual cutesy-poo offerings clearly aimed at the distaff side (or "testosteronely-challenged").  There were one or two cases I saw at Rugby, of the usual nautical or tennis motif, that I promptly passed on in hopes of finding something more classic & durable... that means LEATHER. 

Ben Silver "Liberty" frames (or are they?) and Col. Littleton case
Then on a whim, I clicked over to, where I found this beauty. It’s timeless; it’s manly; it’s unique; and it can be monogrammed!  Colonel Littleton – a neat Tennessee-based company who caters to the leather aficionado - makes this leather case (as well as several other fine leather “accoutrements”).

Sorry if I just alienated my vegan readership, but then you probably shouldn't be here anyway.  May I suggest this link?

If you want to know about the glasses, please comment or send me an email.

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