Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preppy Pajama Poseur

The Urchin of Venice
I was forced to watch "The Tourist" the other night.  Mrs. Cascadian Prep brought it home to watch - not for the story, but for it being set in Venice. My parents had just returned from Venice and it had stoked MCP's interest.  (I don't have an interest in Venice anymore than I have an interest in any over-touristed, smelly town. Trieste... now there's a town.)

Anyway, Johnny Depp spent considerable time running along Venetian rooftops in his "jammies."  It was at this moment that I realized I didn't have any official pajamas in my wardrobe... just the typical boxer/t-shirt set-up. Also, realizing that our family would be hosting a female exchange student soon and that I probably shouldn't be gallivanting through the house in such unsecured raiment [read "eminent wardrobe malfunction" here] I set about procuring a real set of PJs. 

The author's first set of real pajamas in two decades.

I landed on these from Lands' End.  And in the spirit of going big or going home, I got the double monogram - one on the shirt, one on the pants.  When I came downstairs in them to show off, MCP rolled her eyes so much and with such vigor, I thought she was having a seizure. That's fine.  She can harsh the PJs and harsh the double monogram, but we'll see if she ever gets to wear them now.

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  1. The pyjamas are very nice.

    For what it's worth, I almost always sleep in the nude, due to the heat and exhaustion in SoCal.

    A female exchange student is awesome. Answered prayers... How old, and where is she from?

    I've been petitioning the local exchange student office for such a girl, but they are highly dubious about my motives.

    Growing up I knew a young prep school girl in Greenwich, CT who attended a sleep-over hosted by the daughter of some prominent family. The girls were giggly long into the night, as girls usually are, so I've been told.

    In the early hours of the morning the father of the family, a large German financier, alarmed by the noise, emerged from the bedroom upstairs and descended the staircase completely naked except for a pair of cowboys boots and carrying a side-by-side shotgun.