Saturday, June 4, 2011

Filson - "Might As Well Have The Best"

No self-respecting Cascadian prep or general man's man would be caught dead without his side adorned with a Filson briefcase. Quite simply THE. BEST. BRIEFCASE. EVER.*

the mark of [cascadian]excellence

I have the "Original Briefcase" in otter green, which today sells for $210.00 (a steal). Made from rugged twill glazed with oil, it is indestructable; and if you do manage to rag it out, the good people at Filson will repair it or replace it free of charge.
Shop floor at Filson

At their flagship store in Seattle, Washington, one may view the factory (sewing) floor from the showroom, which reveals several of the sweetest-faced little ladies from SE Asia you'd ever want to know made your briefcase.

interior of Filson
Have you noticed the "Harley wave" or "Porsche wave"? You know, when owners of these vehicles see another enthusiast, they give the two-finger signal, as to show membership in the same club.  With Filson, it's no different - get in an elevator or on an airplane with it, you are sure to get the nod or that two-fingered gesture in recognition of your impeccable taste.

* NB:  Not suitable for all professions or in all office environments. If you wear a suit to work, this style of briefcase (and brand) may not be appropriate, any more than wearing brown shoes to a black tie affair is. However, if insouciance is your MO, take the case and the brown shoes to that black tie affair, and have a one-fingered gesture at the ready.

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