Saturday, November 5, 2011

Doin' lines at lunch

Nijo's, Pioneer Square, Seattle

Like "preppy", sushi is trendy. Also like "preppy", sushi has staying power.  Long after the conveyor belts have stopped serpentining through the strip mall sushi restaurant, authentic sushi bars will be patroned by authentic sushi lovers and those of the authentic prep variety. Until that time....

(By the way, despite what the photo above shows, I am not a proponent of hiding the taste of fish in wasabi (or green mustard), pickled ginger and soy sauce. That is akin to putting A-1 or ketchup on your $50 bone-in rib eye. Come on Cascadia! We have more fish than we know what to do with, so it's up to us to lead the way. Dump the condiments in Elliott Bay, the Willamette River, and Burrard Inlet !)

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  1. Love sushi. Many of the sushi bars near my place are owned and staffed by Koreans, for some reason. I've made some good business contacts at my local.

    I once watched a tourist consume a large chunk of wasabi, thinking it was guacamole, and then reach for a glass of sake, thinking it was water.