Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eddie Bauer - What happened?

"Miga" - This ol' girl comes from the same lines as Eddie Bauer's Labrador Retrievers of the 1930's. I'm talking the real Eddie Bauer, not the failed/failing clothing store chain.

Miga at 11 years old

Long before there were Eddie Bauer retail stores, outlet stores, and catalogs, there was an actual Eddie Bauer. Eddie was a true Pacific Northwest sportsman and outdoorsman.  He started out making tennis rackets in Seattle, Washington and then moved on to make functional outdoor clothing (reportedly because he froze his keister off while fishing in the Cascade Mountains). Function led fashion then, as it should now; but fashion (or appearance) was a key element. "Prep" is supposed to be authentic, not contrived. Cascadian prep should be no different. Eddie got this concept.

Labs were bred for the water and all kinds of weather; one can see it in their build, their hair, and their feet. They're also a great looking dog! Function leads fashion.

Eddie, if you can hear me now... follow your lines back to their origin and see where they lead you. This time, don't sell out and don't mess with the original formula.

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  1. I agree! And nice analogy between EB's need to let function drive fashion and your Lab!