Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Cascadian Prep Manifesto

  • It is NOT about money, nor about those with a substantial amount of it or those who pretend to have a substantial amount of it, and it does not exclude, necessarily, those without a substantial amount of it.
  • It is NOT about wearing a brand or possessing a wardrobe in which the intention is to feel superior to another.
  • It is NOT trendy, yet it may have a style which appears/reappears as a revolving fashion trend.
  • It is NOT a place or an institution, yet it respects and pays tribute to its origins.
  • It is a mindset and a lifestyle, steeped in American and Northwestern traditions.
  • It is quiet confidence.
  • It is a world view seen through an ever-positive lens.
  • Membership will be granted only to those who honor and respect all that Cascadia has to offer.

Disclaimer:  The author is not a native of one of "The Thirteen Originals" nor did he attend a prep school in that region or an Ivy League school. He is a native Texan who has spent the last several years in the beautiful Puget Sound region.  This blog contains observations and accounts of the struggles one may encounter along the way to cultivating, maintaining, and preserving a prep(py) lifestyle in the Pacific NW... or anywhere else for that matter.

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